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Do you think house clearance is stressful?
Let the property cleaning specialists from do the tough job for you

During our life time we store all kinds of things that are no longer needed and used. Old furniture, machinery, computers, equipment, scrap, and useless stuff are been gathered in garages, storages, basements, occupying a valuable space. Industrial or residential property owners can not just get rid of their old equipment or scrap at the dump, because many of the materials must be transported to an authorized landfill or to an appropriate facility for recycling. Recycling plastics, steel, and paper can reduce energy consumption by about 57% in total.

Junk clearance of residential or commercial properties is a time and labor consuming task. Therefore using a professional and experienced company to clean-out and transport things you no longer use, is advisable. If you are looking for responsible and experienced professionals who carry out a variety of removal and clearance services in the community of Madrid and surroundings, than is the right choice. The company offers clearance of all types of real estate, houses, plots, basements, storage rooms, garages, offices, industrial warehouses and factories.

The company's specialized personnel can cope with various tasks according to customer needs such as emptying industrial warehouses, dismantling and removing machinery of any type, dismantling of electrical installations, collecting of scrap metal, removal of damaged cars, collecting of old computers and peripherals. Whenever you need to get rid of any scrap, unwanted junk, construction waste or damaged furniture, can help. They can carry out all kind of difficult tasks like heavy equipment removal, finding a large vehicle to transport garbage and appropriate places to deposit it.

Just contact and they will offer you top quality, affordable prices, fast and adequate solution for your removal or clearance needs, anywhere in Madrid and around.

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