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Recover your forgotten or lost Excel password within 10 seconds with Excel Password Recovery Lastic

One of the best features of MS Excel is the option to set passwords when saving documents. However, if you forget or lose your password, your important document could become useless. In that case you will need an excel password recovery software to recover the password set to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or workbook.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic can successfully recover or remove your old password, thus saving you a lot of time, money and trouble. Not only this program allows you to recover your individual password, but it can crack multiple Excel password protected documents.

Thanks to the unique Password Server Technology you don't need to send the entire document to the server. The original document is not modified, because the program works with a copy. The entire process is fast, 100% secure, and your data remains confidential.

Here are some important advantages and useful features of this excell password recovery software:

- Supports all major versions of Microsoft Excel
- Resets MS Excel passwords of any length and complexity
- Recovers or removes passwords from multiple MS Excel documents
- Recovers an Excel password instantly, within 10 seconds
- Simple and user friendly interface, allowing you to reset your password in two easy steps.

With the combination of powerful technology and simple interface, Excel Password Recovery Lastic provides an effective solution to recover  forgotten or lost passwords from MS Excel documents, 100% automatically.


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