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How to find a profitable Forex Robot

Forex Robot or Forex expert advisor is an automated Forex trading software that can trade on your behalf, even as you sleep. The minimum expected from a Forex robot is to maintain your trading while you are busy with other activities.

Considering that any trader can't depend totally on automated trading software, the profitable Forex robot is expected to decrease the risks and increase the profit. Keep in mind that you still have to learn how to trade and how markets work.

So how to find a profitable Forex robot among the many available on the market? There are testing sites providing Forex Robot reviews, tests on demo and comparison with vendor's live results.

The comparative tables present historical performance of demo and live results for different Forex expert advisors, in a particular period. These tables feature several other measurements helping you choose the best Forex robot. Some of the important parameters are: Monthly profit percentage; Gain - the total amount gained calculated in relation to the deposits sum; Profit factor - the sum of all positive trades divided by the sum of all negative trades, Drawdown - the largest difference between a balance peak and the lowest following bottom; Trading duration.

Tests comparison can give you an idea which Forex robots are more profitable and if they sustain their profitability. Than, you can check if they have some desirable features like: Easy installation, detailed user guide, lifetime updates, money back guarantee, live trading statistics, option to choose between several styles of trading.

When you picked up a Forex trading software, you can search for previous real trader opinions and reviews about its performance. If you decided to buy a Forex robot, your next step is to try it on a demo account. If you are satisfied with the demo performance, you can switch to a real account.

Thanks to review and testing sites you get accurate ratings, which gives you possibility to find a profitable Forex Robot and succeed in Forex trading.


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