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Want to import and sell in the Russian Federation? You need a GOST R certificate

GOST R is a quality certification system which provides evaluation of conformity of the Russian manufacturers and imported products with standards, quality and safety requirements in Russian Federation.

There are two types of GOST R certificates depending on the product - Obligatory and Voluntary.

Obligatory certificate is issued for products subject to obligatory certification according to the Russian law. Voluntary certificate is issued for products not subject to mandatory certification.

The GOST R obligatory certification integrates certification systems in many groups of homogeneous production such as electrical equipment, food processing, medical, mining, oil products, gases, construction, transportation.

A certificate of compliance can be issued for a batch of goods or a series of goods. Before applying for a certificate, the company must get familiar with the documents needed for the type of product it manufactures and want to certify.

Such documents for example can be a fire safety certificate, a veterinary certificate, and all other regulatory, registration and technical documents.

In order to prepare your gost r documentation and comply with requirements of Russian certification system you can consult certification experts.

After filling out forms and presenting the documents, a sample of the product must be provided for test and measurements of safety or quality. The test should be carried out in the plant of production or in an accredited laboratory by trained staff.

After completing the evaluation process, and conforming to the legal requirements, the manufacturer is given a declaration proving that goods are safe for humans and the environment. GOST R certification center also issues GOST R certificate to the applicant.

GOST R is an important document necessary when registering goods at customs and selling in the Russian Federation. It certifies quality, safety and compliance of the products with the specifications and terms of the supply contract.

Not only GOST R certification provides protection of consumers rights, but it also boosts customer trust in the certified product, and thus is a good marketing tool.


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