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Looking for a complete online money transfer solution for your company? Integrate a fully automated mobile money transfer system from SecuRemit

Online money transfers are fast, convenient and secure way to send and receive money from any place with Internet access. Companies in the
e-commerce, financial spheres, various small and large businesses use some type of money transfer system in order to facilitate their clients and increase sales. Since money transfer software system deals with important aspects of business like customers, sales and security, it must be powerful, but flexible and easy to operate.

These characteristics plus multiple of features customers and businesses look for in a money transfer service are already present in SecuRemit. It is an advanced online remittance software system providing options for money transfer via computer or mobile phone. The mobile money transfer software can be integrated as a payment option for your existing business or as an additional feature for mobile transfer.

Apart from integration with existing businesses, SecuRemit is a great money transfer agent software to start your own money transfer business. You can charge any desired commission, on every transaction, and work with any quantity of agents you need. SecuRemit takes care of everything else. For more information about the service and any additional features please visit

Since SecuRemit is a secured hosted solution, no software installation is needed on your part. Your clients can make money transfers from anywhere in the world. Multiple of currencies are supported and you can set different options like manual or automatic exchange rates, countries, flat fee or rate margins. The system handles the process of accepting payments from users and safe wiring to recipients. SecuRemit mobile money transfer system notifies senders and recipients via SMS or e-mail, and they can access transfer details on their mobile devices anytime. The money transfer accounting system keeps records of all transactions and provides wide range of reports in customizable, easy to use interface.

SecuRemit is a powerful but affordable money transfer system. You don't have to pay large set up fees, instead you pay fixed monthly fee, depending on volume of transactions. SecuRemit is a fully automated remittance software solution for money transfer agents, small or large companies, allowing them to be more profitable and helpful to customers.



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