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My Verizon provides an effective solution to pay bills, manage accounts and plans, access to digital content 24/7, all in one place

Verizon is a global telecommunications leader. In order to serve their customers better and faster they created My Verizon.
It is an online account management center providing customers with a convenient way to pay their bills online, check usage, set up paperless billing or autopay.

You can access your account at online, 24/7 on your mobile phone, tablet and computer. The online consumer center makes it easy for you to change your plan, add or change a service or feature.

Not only My Verizon allows you to save time by accessing your account anytime, from about anywhere, but to save money using some additional features. One of them allows you to set limits for data, voice, messaging and content downloads giving you control over your phone bill. You can use a plan advisor in order to choose a plan according to your budget. My Verizon gives you access to special offers, deals and discounts on plans, phones, devices and accessories.

With My Verizon you can explore the full capabilities of your electronic devices by using applications and features like accessory store app, media store, digital content manager, free wireless workshops, videos, device recommendations, back up assistant.

The importance of a company can be measured not only by the quality of their products, but by client-focused services like My Verizon, giving more value to the customers, and making their life easier.


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