Only family-friendly sites will be accepted for submission to CTLink Directory.

The site being submitted cannot contain or promote pornography or adult-only material. The site cannot contain hate content, violence, copyright infringing material, tobacco, drugs, pharmacy, illegal content or unlawful discrimination of any kind.

The site must be in the English language

If you are unsure whether your site is acceptable, send us an email before clicking submit button.

Your site(s) will be listed within 2-3 business days of receipt of your payment and listing details.

All submissions are subject to editor evaluation.

We reserve the right to refuse to list any site at our sole discretion should its content fall outside of CtLink Directory eligibility guidelines and return the submission fees to the account in the Payment System from which they have been deposited last time.

We reserve the right to list your site(s) in the category that we deem to be the most appropriate. We will honor your listing preferences as long as they are reasonable however.

The Administrator at any moment can change structure of categories.

The Advertiser completely takes up the responsibility for the published information.

The Advertiser at any moment can remove the link from the publication.

As from Jan. 09, 2008 all previously submitted paid annual links become permanent.

As from Jan. 09, 2015 all links are published with a "no follow" tag which can be changed to "follow" by request, at any time.

Submission Guidelines

Create a brief description, listing the current content of your site. Submit your web site to the most relevant category. If your site's category is not present in the directory you can suggest a new category when filling submission form. If reasonable it will be added to the directory categories.


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