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Tour agency organizes trips to Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone

For many years, the information on the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl has been classified, especially for foreign visitors and journalists. The consequences of the radiation contamination have been disastrous for both people and nature. Vast areas have been abandoned.

Today, more than 25 years after the disaster, the place of the nuclear accident can be visited. Ukraine tour agency gets tourist permission to enter Chernobyl zone, take pictures and make videos of the trip. The tour organizers say you will not see zombies or monsters there, but the tour will leave deep impression in your mind. You will remember what you've seen there your whole life.

What will you see on your tour to Chernobyl? You will pass a few check points before you enter Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. You will make a stop at reactor cooling canals and will be able to approach at about 100 meters Reactor No.4 - the place of the accident. Then you'll make a stop at Red Forest and go to the Pripyat town, where the nuclear plant builders and personnel have lived. You can take pictures of abandoned buildings, school, playground, Ferris wheel, hotels. After that you will visit a village whose inhabitants have come back after the zone evacuation.

Is it safe? More than 25 years have passed since the accident and the radiation level on the tour route is very low, actually as in Kiev. Yes, it is safe, if you follow the strict rules required by organizers, concerning your clothing, touching objects and etc. To your reassurance there are other cloth and special equipment included in the price and you have possibility to buy or rent Geiger Counter. After leaving the Chernobyl zone your radiation level is checked at the security check point.

Facing the after-effects of the biggest technological catastrophe in the modern world would rise many questions and thoughts. For sure, the trip to Chernobyl would be one of the strangest experiences in someone's life.


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