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Tube 304 - properties and applications

Tube 304 is a stainless steel tube produced by electric welding method from strips of hot-rolled stainless steel, which are passed through forming rolls and welded.

"304" reffers to definition of stainless steel's individual grade. Grade 304 stainless steel contains alloyng elements in amounts of 18% chromium (used to deter corrosion) and 8% nickel (used to enhance ductility and corrosion resistance).

Electric welded pipe is used in chemical, engineering, building and housing industry, in production of construction equipment. Big-diameter tubes are used to transport oil, natural gas, other fluids and in heating systems.

Welded tube 304 can be shaped square, rectangular, round (thin or thick-walled).

Welded 304 round tube can be mirror polished. Stainless steel polished pipe is produced by mechanically abrading the surface with a series of gradually finer abrasives or a special rolling procedure.

Inner surface of polished pipe doesn't make any chemical reactions and it can be used to transport fluids like alkali acid, milk or spirit. Polished pipe is used in production of architectural details like supports, rails and uprights. A mirror-like polished pipe has an application for modern and attractive decorative materials.

Welded tube 304 provide the best all-round performance due to its chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability, formability, corrosion and heat resistance. It is non-magnetic and 100% recyclable.

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