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BoomStream offers a powerful but easy to use interactive streaming video platform for your business

The technology of streaming video is an integral part of the Internet communication today. The benefits for businesses using this interactive media are numerous. Using hosted video to deliver media content, though brings some challenges to the companies.

The fees for storing large volumes of media content increase business expenses. This requires finding a reliable videoservice offering more flexible price formation.

Unlike the usual website hosting, video hosting should provide broader range of features for video storage, video files converting, and easy website integration of streaming videos. Such features are offered by a video platform called BoomStream.

BoomStream is a lot more than just video hosting service. It is a powerful but easy to use interactive streaming video platform. Simply upload your videos to the platform and they will be automatically converted to formats suitable for video streaming. Then you have the ability to quickly and easily integrate a video player to your website by choosing from several options: ready player, using your player, video links or API. The converted videos are compatible with all popular video playback devices, as well. You will have the opportunity to test the system for free after registering.

Some of the most important features customers look for when searching for a video hosting are stability and security. BoomStream guarantees 100% safety and accessibility provided by cloud storage. There is a built in protection for your videos against unauthorized reproduction, or you can use unique streaming links for each user and allowed domains list.

Not only BoomStream provides a quality videohosting, but it offers a flexible payment system based only on actual used space and traffic generated. You have access to various detailed statistics like disk space, traffic usage and number of viewings.

BoomStream represents an affordable alternative to the costly video hosting services. Since streaming video is a powerful marketing tool,  Integrating a video platform to your website will help your business to become more interactive and successful.


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