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A few things to consider when choosing a VPS server solution

A virtual private server (VPS) is installed on a computer shared by multiple customers, unlike dedicated server where all of the resources are dedicated to a single website owner (therefore is more expensive).

Comparing to Shared web hosting, which provides limited customizability, vps server gives more control over your server and guaranteed
amount of allocated hardware resources. A VPS hosting solutions usually provide a minimum amount of hardware resources (RAM/CPU/Network access) that is guaranteed 24/7.

A VPS runs operating system such as Windows Server, Linux or Unix. The customer has the ability to install and configure any program he wants. It may be a web server program like Apache, a mail server, an FTP program, and applications for blogging and e-commerce such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCard.

VPS hosting gives the flexibility of a single website owner to maintain several virtual servers, each one with its own operating system, and to host multiple websites.

Since the customer is in control of the VPS server, it may be a challenge for the inexperienced user to install OS, configure the server, install and customize new software.  In that case, finding a reliable VPS hosting company which can help with OS and CMS installation, and configuring the server is essential.

When choosing a VPS hosting provider you need to pay attention to some other important points.

Get acquainted with the details of VPS server hardware resources, technology, and host server specifications. You need to know details of your hosting company like: what customer service is offered,  what is the downtime, connection speed, backup measures, security, is physical location of servers close to your targeted market.

VPS server is a good choice for small businesses and smaller projects because it provides performance, customizability, fast configuration options and great scalability at affordable prices.




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