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Dear Subscriber,

Through my channels, I have have been introduced to the owner of Adlandpro, Bogdan Fiedur, to help him promote the Adlandpro Ad Submission Service.

This inexpensive program automates the endless task of submitting your ad to over 80,000 search directories all over the internet and does in minutes what it would take you many weeks to accomplish!

Right now, as a bonus offer for ordering the search engine submission service, you'll receive 2 FREE Ad submissions valued at $30.00 when you order the 6 month monthly Ad Submission package.

Adlandpro Testimonial

Adland Pro is the best advertising free or paid that there is I cannot recommend this service highly enough

Derek Atkinson

The Ad Submission Service Will:

1. Increase Your Traffic and Get More Hits - Submit your website address to thousands of search engines/directories and FFA Link Sites all across the internet
2. Save You Time and Effort - Automated process using specially designed software.
3. Help You Stay Informed - Detailed reports are sent right to your email immediately after the submission is made so that you can see where your site has been submitted.

Adlandpro Testimonial

Thank you Michael.
I have been using Adland Pro for over 3 years and would recommend it to anyone whether I made any money or not. It is and always has been a very valuable and rewarding service.

You can feel free to use this as a testimony for Adland if you want. I'm very thankful to have this great program.

Rebecca Beasley

How to Take Advantage of this Offer!

Now, after spending hours of my own time researching these types of services on the internet, I have found that similar companies and websites sell this type of service for considerably more but you can get a single ad submission for only $15.00! PLUS if you choose the 6 month Submission Package, you will get the 2 FREE Ad submissions valued at $30.00 for only $60.00. I would hate for you to miss out on this and because this is a limited time offer, I can’t guarantee that you will get to take advantage of it if you don’t order quickly so if you click the link below, you can order online right away. It’s fast and easy if you use your credit card and don't worry if you don't have one. Adlandpro accepts checks, money orders, and Paypal as well. Visit the link below to get in through the invitation page.

How To Activate Your Special Promo:

When you order the 6 month Package, you will automatically be charged the 4 month submission charge.

Here's to growing our online businesses,

Angel Stoyanov


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