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Losing all your hard disk data is a terrible thing. I didn't think it will happen to me, but it did. When trying to remove a virus from my computer, I damaged the hard disk and the whole data has been lost. I've tried to use hard disk recovering program but it was able to recover just several photos in a two days, and I finally gave up. From now on I started to back up all data on CD/DVD disks but this was a hard task and time consuming process. Using external hard drive could be a good option, although this device is exposed to the same risks of damage as the internal hard drive.

When searching on the Internet, I found out that the most secure method of backing up files is an online storage. It is also very convenient that uploaded and backed files can be accessed everywhere.

By making a search for such service, I quickly figured out that there were numerous companies providing online storage. On top of that, the services provided were very different: free, paid, varying by price, storage space, features, using different storage technologies.

Luckily, I found an online storage review website which helped me in searching for the best online storage. On this website, the top 10 best online storage companies list is presented in a very convenient and perspicuous way. The overall rank of each online storage provider in the list is determined by the score received. The score is based on several characteristics comparison: price of the service, storage size, money back guarantee, results of performance tests for reliability and speed, average user review. If you want to make further analysis of the online storage companies, there is an in depth comparison chart, where 13 more service characteristics are compared.

When choosing an online storage provider, customer reviews are valuable source of information. User opinions can be a very good indicator of the online storage service's quality and reliability. provides latest customer reviews of the top 10 best online storage companies. They rate several important online storage characteristics of each company, based on user reviews. The review list, comparison chart and customer reviews give you a thorough information to make a decision. If you want to get more familiar with advantages and characteristics of an online back up technology, you can read the online storage articles provided on the site.

The data loss can affect anyone, therefore finding a solution to protect your data is vital. It is vital to decide to whom you can entrust your data storage also.

Thanks to, you can easily find the best online storage and make the right decision for backing up your data.



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