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How Startups Can Utilize Innovative New Technology

By Eve Pearce, September 20, 2013

Using the appropriate types of technology is very often a key factor in the success of a small startup business, whether it’s based entirely on the internet or is traditional bricks-and-mortar. A new company has to make sure that it is getting things right from the very beginning. If inappropriate technology is being used the consequences of taking the wrong route here will simply snowball and it will usually prove very difficult and certainly very expensive to make a recovery.

A brave new world of gadgets

From the customer point of view, also, the use of technology is important. No potential client will be impressed by an organization that is effectively still living back in the Stone Age. There are literally thousands of mobile gadgets now on the market that small businesses can use to optimize their workflow.

With flexibility, efficiency and speed always the watchwords in the business world, thanks to modern technology there has never been a better time for increasing all three. Here are just a few ideas of modern innovations that will help any business, already established or completely new on the block, run more smoothly and efficiently.


Touch screens may be the latest craze but there are still people who feel more comfortable with a traditional keyboard. Laptops are portable but can be unwieldy and ultrabooks make a great alternative. Being thin and light they are a dream to carry around. In terms of performance, they are just as functional and powerful as a laptop and make an ideal piece of kit for the traveling executive.  

Mobile printer

A mobile printer can be a great boon for the traveling professional. These are small and inexpensive and simply plug into the USB port of a laptop or ultrabook to obtain a hard copy of a text document or spreadsheet. Even in the regular office environment using a small mobile printer that can be easily stashed away will free up valuable space. Individual employees can have their own printers to promote workflow efficiency and obviate the need to prioritize different printer jobs in a single queue.

Data storage solutions

With cloud storage, distributed networks of computer servers store company data, rather than having it all stored on a single device. As the files of many organizations, even smaller ones, can be substantial, cloud storage allows for these to be easily accessed and shared over fast internet connections. Instant access to crucial business files without the need for separate backup storage on site greatly simplifies a small business’s workflow. Another storage solution which is so neat that the staff will be clamoring to have one of their own is the portable flash or hard drive. These sleek and elegant devices were, like the original ‘mobile’ phones, once so bulky that they needed a case to carry them about in. As the march of technology continues, however, vast amounts of data can now be safely stored away on devices that slip neatly into a coat pocket and weigh next to nothing. They can also automatically make separate backups of all the data on whatever device they happen to be plugged into. For more on innovative technology and related news, visit the government website.   


A mini-projector is the ideal solution for personnel who need visual aids to reinforce a business meeting presentation. These are extremely portable devices, usually no bigger or heavier than a small digital camera, and the images they’re loaded with can be screened onto almost any type of flat surface.   

MiFi card

These are handy devices that use the services of 3G or 4G phone carriers to provide high-speed Wi-Fi when traveling, rather than having to rely on the frequently slow and usually expensive hotel connections. Some carriers allow their usage on an as-required basis, which costs less than a contract.


In a hectic startup environment, with paperwork flying around and priorities changing by the minute, important documents can get lost. The paperwork can in any case become quite overwhelming as it accumulates, and a lost receipt is tantamount to lost cash because of the time reimbursement usually takes. A mislaid business card can even make a deal fall through. The remedy for all this is a mini-scanner which can take copies of business contacts, expense reports, receipts and anything else that has to be kept safely stored away in the one place.

Conference speakerphone

A speakerphone is invaluable for impromptu team meetings to address critical business issues and make decisions when team members may be dispersed. Its small size and ready portability means that all employees can be issued with one and enables a group conference to be held at a moment’s notice.



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