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How to password protect folders, hard drives or flash drives

Everyone has private files which he doesn't want to be viewed by anybody else, or accidentally deleted. Files or folders password protection is especially needed when the computer is at office, used by colleagues or is a part of a network. Some programs, like Excel for example provide password protection of documents only.

Perhaps you need to protect folders, the whole hard drive, or you wonder how to password protect a flash drive for free. This is possible with the help of a portable security software called LockMyDrive.

This user-friendly software provides reliable protection of your sensitive data. It is available in two versions: Instant and Strong. By using the Instant version you can password protect your hard drive, flash drive or other data storage devices. The program hides your sensitive files and makes them absolutely invisible to the people who access your hard drive. The files can be easily locked and unlocked with your password. The Strong version provides more reliable data protection by encrypting your files besides hiding them.

What devices are supported by LockMyDrive besides internal and external hard drives? These are: external and internal SSD Drives, all memory cards, USB flash drives.

Password protection of a flash drive is an extremely important when it is used by friends, colleagues, kids. The data on the flash drive could be accidentally erased or copied without your permission. The flash drive itself could be lost or stolen.

How LockMyDrive protects the data you store on your flash drive? First, nobody will know that the flash drive contains file protection software, since only a small .EXE file can be seen. Second, since your protected files are invisible, nobody will guess they exist on the flash drive. Anyone can copy new files to the drive while your hidden files are safe and the drive remains completely functional. In order to access your hidden files you run the program, enter your password, press unlock and your hidden files appear in the LockMyDrive folder. You can add files to LockMyDrive folder and they will be hidden after closing the program. If you extract files from LMD folder, they will be visible again after closing the program.

LockMyDrive provides easy and affordable yet very reliable solution to your data protection needs. You can be sure that your personal data will remain your own possession.


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