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Reliable USB flash drive encryption software

Small devices like USB flash drives can be easily lost, stolen or forgotten at any place where they have been used. But the bigger trouble is loss of the data stored on the USB flash drive. Misuse of your personal or financial data can cause many damages.

The solution is a software called "LockmyDrive" which provides reliable usb flash drive encryption. This easy to use program protects your sensitive data by hiding and encrypting your files.

The data on your USB flash drive is encrypted by using one of the two encryption methods: instant crypt and strong crypt. These methods provide different security levels. Although the encryption may sound complicated, in fact all that is required from the user is to click "encrypt"/"decrypt".

An essential security precaution of "LockmyDrive" is that it hides the fact of software existence. No one can access or see your sensitive data without knowing your password.

"LockmyDrive" provides reliable data protection by hiding and encrypting your files. It allows everyone to easily perform USB flash drive encryption without any additional computer knowledge.



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