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Broadband Providers - Deals and Reviews

Despite the global recession that`s causing consumers to cut back on spending across the board there seems to be little slowdown in the growth of the broadband market in the UK. This is partly influenced by the falling costs and rising availability of high speed broadband around the country, as well as by the increasingly powerful functionality and integral nature of broadband in the modern home. This has lead to the continued increase of connections compared to the same period last year with over 17 million customers now connected to broadband, and with a very competitive market providing plenty of opportunity for bargain hunting and frugal shopping to get the best results.

Tiscali are one of the largest providers of ADSL broadband in the UK, and this is because of their high speed connections coupled with their low costs and unlimited downloads. The basic package they offer, costing
14.99 a month, includes a free wireless router for new customers, up to 8Mbps download speeds and of course as much downloading as you like, provided you stick to the fair use policy. Tiscali are cheap but they aren`t known for their customer service so if that`s an issue you may want to look elsewhere, but for experienced broadband users looking for a cheap change there`s lots to like. You can even add a home phone service with unlimited weekend calls for a one off 30 set up fee.

A great starter broadband package is offered by BT who are known for their ability to ease the weary into their new technologies. With the all in one Home Hub solution offering the best Wi-Fi coverage of any broadband provider and the chance to get a mobile broadband dongle for a one off fee of under a tenner with their two more expensive packages, there`s great deals to be had at the moment.

Virgin Media
If you`d prefer to switch from a BT line to a Cable broadband service and you live in a cabled area then Virgin Media is your only option. You`ll need to pay a comparable monthly line rental, as you would with a BT line, but because of the fibre optic technology that cable offers there`s the chance to access speeds of up to 50Mbps. More modestly priced and slower connection speeds are also available, and there`s currently a top offer which gives new customers a free netbook portable computer to sweeten the deal.

Choosing a Provider
There`s only one way to reliably choose a broadband provider without having to spend hours searching online through each provider`s site yourself, and that`s to use price comparison. Whether you`re after the cheapest package, the most comprehensive wireless broadband connection or the fastest download speeds then using price comparison will allow you to see the latest deals and offers from the major providers in a simple, subjective way that`s customisable to your particular needs. Choosing broadband can be difficult, but it needn`t consume all your time.


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