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Looking for some extreme travel experience? Take a Chernobyl tour.

There are many abandoned places in the world. The explanations for abandonment vary from economical reasons and nature disasters to supernatural causes. Whatever reasons for abandonment, the places have become creepy witnesses of past times.

One of the most creepiest places in the world is the town of Pripyat, abandoned after the worst technological catastrophe in history - the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which happened on 26.04.1986. While some locations in the Chernobyl exclusion zone are still radioactive, many places in the area are safe for visiting under observing strict rules.

In order to visit the Chernobyl zone you must contact a travel agency organizing chernobyl tours, holding special permission to visit the zone and providing all safety measures for the tourists.

By taking this extreme tour, the tourists will have the possibility to go back in the 1980's Soviet era. The tour includes a stop near the "Red forest", Chernobyl power plant visit, as well as sightseeing (from 300 meters distance) of reactor 4, the place of the explosion. A safe route through the "dead town" Pripyat allows sightseeing of abandoned buildings, school, amusement park, hospital, hotel, kindergarten.

By taking a Chernobyl tour, the tourist will not only be able to take pictures of the terrible consequences of the disaster, but to experience something extreme which will remember all his life.