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Advantages of Paying for a Directory Submission

There are thousands of directories online today, many new are created every day, and many others are closed at the same time. Then, how can you choose to which directories to submit your website?

Apparently of the greatest value is to submit your website to the biggest top 10 directories like Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ.
While submitting to them is worth paying, the price for inclusion may not be affordable for everyone. Submitting to Yahoo! Directory costs $299 (annual fee). Submitting to DMOZ is free but you may have to wait for months (or indefinite time) to see your site listed.

Free directories are an option but inclusion of your website is not guaranteed due to high number of submitted links.

Some directories offer reciprocal linking. This can be a good strategy for fast inclusion into their index although search engines give better ranking if you have large number of quality, one-way links pointing to your website.

So how you can obtain such quality one-way links pointing to your site and not to pay too much for these links at the same time?

A lot of paid directories offer affordable paid one-way links. And there are a few things to consider when choosing to which of them to submit your website to:

1. The age of the directory domain (Is directory here for several years? 3 years or more better)
2. The directory Page Rank (Is it PR3 or more?)
3. Is the link you are paying for, permanent? (Lifetime link)
4. Is your link placed on a Google indexed, PR page
5. Is the price for the link reasonable?

Here are some benefits of submitting to directories covering the above criteria:

1. In the most cases if your site meets the requirements for inclusion in paid directory it will be added within a few days.

2. The directories are regularly spidered by search engines. When your website is added to directory, search engine spiders find your website and automatically add it to the search engines index. So you don’t have to register your website to search engines by yourself all the time.

3. The higher the number of quality, one-way links pointing to your website – the better your Page Rank will be, and your website will get more visitors coming from the search engines.

4. If you have paid for a permanent link, your directory submission cost will decrease over time because you will receive clicks to your website probably for years during the lifetime of the directory.

5. When directory is paid, the owner is more likely to advertise his directory actively and this will benefit the websites listed in the directory also.

6. In general in the paid directories, the links quantity in each category is smaller, your link receives better placement, and it is found easier.

7. Another important benefit is targeted website traffic. More visitors to your website mean more sales. People search these directories because they are human edited and categorized. When a visitor makes a search and finds your website, this is an interested visitor, looking for what you have to offer.

If we consider the above mentioned benefits, paying for directory submission definitely worth it.


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