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Health and lifestyle benefits of spa / hot tubs

The therapeutic benefits of the water are undeniable. Hydrotherapy and spa procedures can do miracles for our health and recreation. Everyone knows the stress relieving effect of having a hot tub after a busy day.

You can experience the wholesome therapeutic and lifestyle benefits of the water not only visiting costly spa, hydro massage and hydrotherapy procedures, but at your home - indoors or outdoors.

A company manufacturing state of the art hot tubs, raises the standards for spa/ hot tubs quality, comfort, innovation, energy efficiency and maintenance, to a new level.

Spas /  hot tubs offered by are manufactured with highest comfort and quality in mind, and using the most advanced technologies. offers three collections of hot tubs / spas that cater for all tastes; from the most budget minded consumer to the most demanding.

Some of the numerous features provided in the three different collections of spas / hot tubs are: Comfortable seating, Customizable massage with 14 preprogrammed massage patterns, Convenient maintenance, Craftsmanship, 100% guarantee.

There are some standard or additional features like Neck massage, Foot massage, Aromatherapy, LED lighting, Waterfall, Surround sound, DVD/LCD Entertainment.

The three healing ingredients of hydrotherapy in La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs are heat, buoyancy, and massage. They provide not just relaxation and pleasure but many therapeutic benefits like: muscle and joint pain relieving, sleep improvement, stress reduction, prevent headaches, help control diabetes, arthritis pain relieving.

Along with lifestyle and health benefits you receive with La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs, you can have a year round outdoor fun. Hot tubs are designed to maintain the water temperature you set them at, no matter the season.



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