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  1. Do you want to influence the trends of tomorrow and at the same time earn real money?

  2. Government Market Research - Market Connections provides Government Market Research.

  3. Complete Surveys Faster
    Cut your survey time by 87%. This award winning program is used daily by hundreds of thousands of users to automate online filling and submitting of surveys.

  4. People are earning $100-$8000/ month

  5. Cracking The Code On Paid Surveys
    No Investment Needed! Convert Your Spare Time Into Cash. Make Money Online Using One Of The Best Kept Internet Secrets. Learn How Fortune 500 Companies Are Willing To Pay You Top Dollar For Your Help While Working Online At Home At Your Own Convenience.

  6. SurveySavvy
    Since it's inception in 2000, the SurveySavvy.com community has grown to over 3 million people across 190 countries earning cash by participating in our online surveys. We have paid out more money to our members than any other online market research company. 

  7. Make Money Taking Surveys
    They laughed when I said I was going get paid to take surveys until they saw my first check!

  8. Socratic Forum
    Socratic Forum members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. Survey participation is always 100% voluntary, and all information provided to us remains confidential. In exchange, we reward our members by offering access to new information and/or opportunities to receive cash, online gift certificates, and other rewards.

  9. American Consumer Opinion Panel
    Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $25.

  10. BuzzBack
    BuzzBack empowers marketers and researchers with rich and immediate insights. Introducing a unique Qual-Quant online research tool that's designed to leverage the internet medium, BuzzBack combines directional quantitative data with the qualitative 'why' dimension that adds depth and relevance to the numbers. The standard award for completing a QuickBuzz survey is $5 though this may vary depending on survey length and topics.

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