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Looking for teeth whitening London? Smiles by Hillside provides effective teeth whitening by using the most modern methods and equipment

You know that beautiful and white smile can have positive impact on your self-confidence and overall appearance.

If your job requires communication with many people and smiling with confidence, discoloration of teeth can prevent you from performing at your best.

Discoloration is commonly caused by coffee, tea, red wine consumption. Another reason are cigarettes which have harmful impact on teeth and gums. Caffeine and tobacco also enhance gingivitis and tartar. Another most common cause of discoloration is aging.

You have possibly tried whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening kits, but with little or no result. While over the counter toothpastes can take months to lighten your teeth by a few shades, there is a technology which will give you a difference of about eight shades in one hour.

London based dentistry Smiles by Hillside uses the most modern and effective teeth whitening methods such as laser whitening treatment. The Zoom! Whitening Technology bleaches your enamel and dentine. After your laser whitening treatment your teeth will continue to be lighter than they were before the treatment.
Another teeth whitening treatment they use is the Zoom take home kit which can result an average of six shades whiter teeth. This product is still very different from any over the counter solution offered in your local drug store.

Why to use professional teeth whitening treatment?

- It is performed by a dentist and will provide faster and more dramatic results than the teeth whitening kits are able to.

- It allows you to undergo this delicate process under the supervision of a professional, making the experience safer and more effective.

- The dentist will also be able to do a shade assessment to determine what level of laser tooth whitening you require.

If you are looking for teeth whitening London and want to achieve  dramatic results, under close supervision of the best dentist please visit Smiles by Hillside.


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