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PRESS RELEASE july 12, 2011


PokeTALK offers a variety of options to call, at the lowest rates in the world

We all want to make calls worldwide, using services that are free and convenient.
PokeTALK offers just that - a variety of options for you to call, at the lowest rates in the world – to all destinations.
Cheap, easy and accessible.

You can make calls from your computer, or from any regular phone (landline and mobile).
Choose the best way for you to call:

-    Using the iPhone or Android application. The service doesn't require a wi-fi connection, so you can be 100% mobile as you talk!

-    Using the Local Numbers service, which allocates a local national phone number for your contact abroad – allows you to save even more! And… you can call from any phone or mobile.
You'll need to set the local number for the contact on your account in advance, as well as registering your phone number in order to ensure the service recognizes your number and connects the call.

-    Or… just use the Web Callback service from your desktop, which will connect the call between your phone and your contact's abroad.
You simply need to enter your phone number and your contact's number; you'll hear your phone ring, and then the system will connect the call.

Who said saving means losing your convenience?

Keep calling, keep talking, PokeTALKing!




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