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PRESS RELEASE August 6, 2009


txtNation reports growth in Premium SMS for Micro-Billing.

With the many options available to merchants for non-credit card processing on the market today, txtNation are leading the way in the dynamic, SMS billing market. Picking up the best mobile billing provider award last month in London, England and recently nominated for the Mobile Entertainment awards this October, txtNation are continuing their fast growth with the most recent of updates to their Premium SMS billing solution. On the back of the popular mENABLE ( billing solution, txtNation’s new widget ( has been packed full of further features that allow merchants to control and manage all aspects of their micro-billing requirements.

txtNation Director, Michael Whelan quotes ‘With the recent demand for mobile billing, this is a very exciting space to be in. We are turning around new merchant’s daily and providing full deployment within a few days. With the billing widget, we have focused on ease of use and setup for those looking to generate revenues from Premium SMS.’

txtNation claim that the majority of website merchants using mENABLE are now processing more revenues with SMS via the widget, than using credit card. txtNation also say that merchants are now becoming more respective to this form of transaction, charging smaller amounts as a form of micro-payment.

Whelan quotes, ‘Micropayments lower the threshold and do not require a big decision before users get their initial benefits: thus users will be encouraged to view more pages and spend more. With a simple interface, the customer is guided step-by-step. With no complicated instructions or lengthy registration, customers are less likely to abandon their payment. Conversions, and customer satisfaction, increase.’
Accepting Micropayments with mENABLE is an ideal way to pay for low value items such as web services, downloadable software, online subscriptions, memberships, plus tickets and online content. mENABLE provides merchants product code for each item on offer and once the micro billed transaction is completed, the customer is given a PIN number which they then use to purchase the product.
txtNation executives see the opportunity for continuing to evolve this product past competitor's offerings and thus allowing the widgets to evolve to its fullest. Even further opportunities in open source websites software are becoming visible. For instance, Facebook and MySpace plug-in providers are huge in today's social societies. txtNation sees this as a popular option for integration due to the ease and expansion possibilities for more customization.
Read more about the release of these new website widgets online, at the txtNation Blog ( For more information, please visit:

Worldwide payments, multiple options
mENABLE is built to exceed expectations, leading the field in terms of features, administration and security. The platform offers fast and easy integration, advanced payment tracking, live support to our technical team, fewer overheads than other payment providers, and a truly international reach.

About txtNation
txtNation is an outstanding multi award-winning solutions provider across billing, content and mobile messaging platforms. Focussing on sophisticated, ease-of-use solutions designed and supported by knowledgeable technical and customer support teams, txtNation have consistently proved itself one of the most efficient and cost effective messaging, billing and content providers in the business. txtNation's global reach means that we can facilitate mobile messaging services and products via the SMS Gateway across North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. txtNation have developed strong partnerships with many major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and adequately secure. txtNation have well over 7000 clients large and small on every continent who are already experiencing the outstanding advantages which txtNation has to offer. txtNation's products and services increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and build trusted brands and awareness through direct, personal, easy, and immediate communications.


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