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Benefits of a US shipping address

Using mail forwarding service is very convenient when shopping online from abroad and the seller doesn't ship to particular country. It is common when customer abroad finds an article listed on eBay or another online store, but the seller doesn't ship internationally. This can be a rare book, spare part, cheap article or another product which can not be found in his country. Most of the biggest online stores ship internationally, but smaller online shops or individual sellers sometimes don't.

Here is the shipping forwarding services' role. The customer doesn't need to cancel his order. He simply consult parcel forwarding company. With their help the customer abroad receives a free us shipping address. Which, actually is the forwarding company's warehouse address. When the customer makes a purchase from an online shop, he provides his us address and the goods are delivered there.

Shipping forwarding company then packages your parcels according to your instructions. Goods bought from different stores can be consolidated and shipped to your home address as one parcel, thus you can save on shipping costs. Or you can instruct the company to separate and deliver purchase to different addresses in your country, in case you want to send presents to someone.

As the parcel is accepted in the warehouse, or sent to your country, you receive an email notification. You can always monitor the location of your parcel by its tracking number.

Mail forwarding service benefits international customers, but also merchants who do only us address shipping. International mail forwarding service deals with the official operations of international trade instead of sellers, who usually are not eager to do this. With the help of mail forwarding service, customer can buy rare goods from abroad. Parcels consolidation helps him to save on international shipping.


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