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Portable Water Filters - effective solution to avoid health risks due to bad water quality

We humans are dependent on water to survive. An average person drinks more than 50 000 liters of water in a lifetime.

According to World Health Organization 80% of all diseases are due to bad water quality. Contaminated with bacteria or viruses water can cause many diseases like cholera, tiffs, salmonellas, dysentery, hepatitis, poliomyelitis.

Water pollution can come from many different sources. Many poisonous substances can get into the water through contaminated soil as a result of ecological catastrophes, environmental pollution, runoff from fertilizer and plant protection chemicals use.

A very big health risk presents sedimentation of heavy metals in the water due to environmental pollution or erosion of rocks. Heavy metals like mercury and cadmium can cause diseases like mercurialism leading to neuromuscular changes and disturbances in sensations, and cadmiosis leading to violent pain, bone fractures, skeleton deformations, kidney damage.

Among the most poisonous heavy metals are also arsenic, asbestos, lead. Other source of water pollution can be corroded public water pipe equipment.

The water quality in different countries varies and in some countries the tap water is not suitable for drinking. In order to avoid health risks caused by bad drinking water quality, or when traveling it is recommended the water to be safely filtered.

The water purification products are different kinds and sizes. Small size water filters are very necessary for people traveling, hiking, camping providing them with safe drinking water anywhere around the world; on aircraft, shipboard, trains, hotels; in emergency situations and daily use.

These scientifically tested products can provide clean safe chemical free water that is 99.99999% free of bacteria and protozoa’s and 99.99% free of viruses.


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